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Our Services

  • Technology Staff Augmentation
  • IT Consulting / Strategic Planning
  • Contract to Hire
  • Permanent Placement
Candidates – Career Services

IT Strategies takes care of our employees to ensure stability within the client environment and reduce turnover. We have employed hundreds of employees and offer our team members a choice of 1099, hourly or salaried pay with benefits. Options may be based on length of project term. Benefits may include vacation, sick, holiday and medical.

  We help our Clients achieve their technology goals….
  • Hotel openings require temporary staffing to achieve the grand opening dates. IT Strategies has worked with hotels such as the Wynn and Encore to provide a variety of short term contractors to help meet deadlines without increasing permanent staff headcount.
  • A local enterprise required an assessment of their information technology department and user satisfaction with IT. We provided a senior consultant to perform the assessment, which included a recommendation to prepare a strategic plan. Management accepted the recommendation and our consultant led the effort to create the strategic plan, providing direction for the use of technology throughout the organization.
  • A national transportation firm was hemorrhaging cash due to unaudited cell phone bills. A hiring freeze was in place so a new telecom manager was out of the question. We provided a telecom specialist that was able to reign in cell phone costs within three months.
  • A local utility company needed a Java developer for a very visible mobile services project. The development team was working overtime and weekends - too slammed to find and interview candidates. We found a highly qualified professional that fit well with the corporate culture and work ethic; he hit the ground running, the team is now on task and meeting timelines.
  • World Wide Technologies was working on a critical project when their technical writer quit without notice. We found a replacement within days and the project completed on time.                
  • Grant funds would expire within 90 days and a local government agency still needed three e-learning modules for all first responders. We provided project management, a subject matter expert (technical writer), and an e-learning developer. The project was completed on time, within budget, and the e-learning modules delivered to the client at their next quarterly meeting.